The body needs movement; the mind, stillness.

Oh, if only the opposite were true! I could sit around eating Mallomars all day while my monkey mind ran around like the king of the jungle. Luckily, I've discovered a few things that work for me. I like yoga because I'm not very good at it (yet) and I have to focus so intently on breathing and not falling over that there's no room in my thoughts for anything else. I like walking meditation, in particular walking in the woods where I can fill my mind with awe and gratitude for nature and forget about everything else. (Tripping on tree roots and rocks is sometimes a problem.) Guided meditation and journeying, where you turn the heavy (mental) lifting over to the voice of a guide, is another great way to quiet both the mind and body, Following a guided meditation session, a friend said to me with MUCH relief, "It's like relaxing without all the work!" Give that girl a Mallomar! With all the goings-on of life - caring for our mind, body and spirit, it isn't easy to relax. The good news is, it's worth the effort. Your monkey will thank you for it.

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