Ready to Spring into Action

There's nothing like the first warm days of Spring to put a spring in your step. We can't help but feel the world around us being reborn, with all the tree brimming with buds about to bloom, and us, knowing that the azaleas and tulips are not too far behind. It makes me wonder whether a tree needs to remember how to bloom, while we have absolute faith that it will.

What if we had that same faith that all the seeds of our desires, all the budding ideas we sow would absolutely blossom exactly as we intend?? How would our lives be different if we could fertilize an idea and cultivate a practice of intention then simply tend to the present and wait to see what crops up?

With Passover, beginning this week, and Easter ending it, we are bookended by the belief that faith is boundless and those that possess this depth of faith are, indeed, incredibly powerful. Are the miracles of the old and new testament, (or those of Mohammed, Buddha and the Hindu gods and goddesses) there to teach us that through a spiritual practice we can free ourselves from the limits of a mundane world?

Did Moses part the Red Sea, Jesus walk on water, Mohammed heal the sick or Buddha fly because they had special "powers" bestowed on them (and only them) - or did they simply have faith that they could do miraculous things?

Whether you choose to believe in your own or other's divine feats, we know it always helps to apply a whole lot of conviction to any undertaking. Believing "you can" is never a bad thing. It certainly can't hurt to try and expand that to having spiritual aspirations. It's a season to plant new ideas and watch what grows.

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